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Get Involved

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Are you a teacher, parent or an observer? Bring out the curious kid within you!

As a teacher, parent or anyone interacting with children, you must have enjoyed and wondered about their active and inquisitive behaviour. Share your experiences by writing to us at or login to the Sawaliram dashboard to contribute questions, answers, articles or translations.

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Natural or social scientist, or just an infovore? Share your learnings with Sawaliram!

Children’s innocent questions teach us much about the world. Do join us in answering these questions, in a way that will encourage and nurture their curiosity. Your answers will be helpful to teachers, parents and volunteers on the field who are interacting with children. Do write to us at or login to the dashboard to contribute.

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How well can you juggle between languages? Try it with us.

Curiosity is expressed best in our native tongue, and we must listen and talk with each other across languages. On Sawaliram’s multilingual website we are looking for people who could translate answers and other content into different Indian languages. As an open source platform you might also implement Sawaliram in your own country’s language(s). Do write to us at or login to the dashboard to contribute.

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Are you a connoisseur of code? Do you love embarking on debugging journeys?

This website is open source and built by the community. You can help us build and improve the next big platform that can reach out to students in their classrooms. Head over to our github repository to learn all about how to get started!

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